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Omakase Facial  $110.00  (includes tax and gratuity)

Intracellular Facial   $125.00 - eligible after 1 regular session (includes tax and gratuity & a take home kit)

The Omakase facial is a 50 minute session of skin treatments and therapy, specifically designed to your skins needs at the time of service.  Upon analyzing your skin, and a thorough discussion to better understand your lifestyle, health and concerns, I will carefully choose a protocol that is result driven and safe.  Various modalities and treatments are performed within one session depending on your goal. 

The Intracellular Facial is a 50 minute treatment for mature skin over the age of 40‚Äč that is specifically designed for mature skin with no downtime, and a strict post care regimen.   It increases atp production increasing collagen and tissue, while improving elasticity.